Adverse Experiences and Using Chemicals Safely

When evaluating applications to either register products or grant permit approvals, the APVMA must be satisfied that the constituents and manufacturing process for a product are appropriate and that products can be used safely without concern about potential residues in food.

Adverse Experience Reporting

The aims of AERP Ag and AERP Vet are to provide the APVMA with feedback about the quality and performance of pesticides and veterinary medicines in the field. This information helps to ensure that registration decisions that the APVMA makes continue to remain appropriate and to promote and maintain public confidence in the National Registration Scheme.

Noosa Fish Health Investigation Taskforce

The Noosa Fish Health Investigation Taskforce (NFHIT) was established by the Queensland Government in January 2009 to investigate a range of fish health problems at the Sunland Fish Hatchery, including fish deaths and abnormalities. The APVMA was not represented on the Taskforce. The Taskforce made five recommendations to the APVMA in their June 2011 report. The APVMA is responding to these recommendations.

Spray Drift

Off-target spray drift that can accompany the application of pesticides is a concern that sometimes alarms the community and always challenges the agricultural industry to find ways to control it more effectively. The APVMA is responsible for ensuring that off-target pesticide spray drift does not harm human health, the environment or Australia’s international trade.

Understanding Pesticide Chemical Labels

Pesticide chemical labels contain important information about how to safely use products in accordance with legal requirements. The APVMA has developed educational materials that can be printed and displayed or used in chemical training courses to help chemical users identify and understand the warnings and instructions on pesticide chemical labels.

Using Pool and Spa Chemicals

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) is the body within the Federal Government that regulates swimming and spa pool sanitisers. The APVMA has evaluated and registered a large number of such sanitisers.

Pest Management in Schools

Schools must manage pests to prevent injury, disease and damage to property, maintain buildings in sound condition, prevent the loss of aesthetic amenity, minimise disruption to teaching and sporting activities, and arrest the spread of pests from the school into the surrounding community and environment.

Information for Veterinarians

If you are a veterinarian, provisions of the APVMA legislation apply directly to you unless you are dispensing to animals under your care.

Vaccination Protocols for Dogs and Cats

Vaccination plays an important role in maintaining the health and well-being of animals. This Position Statement provides APVMA’s position on vaccine protocols for dogs and cats.

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