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Products in the Marketplace

Before an agricultural or veterinary chemical product can be legally imported, supplied, sold, used, promoted or advertised in Australia, the APVMA must register it. Part of the APVMA's role and responsibility is to monitor and enforce compliance of agricultural and veterinary chemical products in the market place.

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Importing and Exporting

The APVMA monitors the importation of agricultural and veterinary chemicals to limit the potential distribution of unregistered and unapproved chemicals in the Australian marketplace.

Australian exporters of agricultural and veterinary chemical products and active constituents may be required to obtain a certificate of export from the APVMA before other countries will accept the importation of these products.

Agricultural Products

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority ensures the quality of active constituents used in agricultural chemical products in the Australian marketplace through its AgQA Scheme

The AgQA Scheme is the Quality Assurance Scheme for Agricultural Active Constituents and Agricultural Chemical Products.

Veterinary Products

Products Manufactured in Australia

For products manufactured in Australia the APVMA has in place the Manufacturers' Licensing Scheme, which is a quality assurance program that was established in 1996 in response to concerns over the quality of veterinary medicines.

Industry and government recognised that quality needs to be 'built into' rather than 'tested into' products. The primary objective of the scheme is to assure, and give confidence in, the quality of veterinary medicines manufactured and supplied in Australia.

To obtain and maintain a licence under the scheme, manufacturers must demonstrate compliance with the APVMA's Manufacturing Principles and the associated Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for Veterinary Chemical Products (GMP). Compliance is confirmed by regular audits by APVMA-authorised auditors or specified authorities recognised by the APVMA.

Products Manufactured Overseas

For veterinary chemical products manufactured overseas the registrant must demonstrate that the product is manufactured to quality standards (ie. Codes of GMP) comparable to those applying to veterinary chemical products manufactured in Australia.

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