Export Slaughter Intervals and Chemical Withholding Periods for Pesticides


Plague locust control ESI's and WHPs

Chemicals used for controlling Australian plague locusts (Chortoicetes terminifera) have the potential to cause unacceptable residues in grazing livestock.

Export Slaughter Interval and Withholding Period advice for Plague Locusts, Wingless Grasshoppers and Livestock Residues (external PDF, 1.4Mb) is available for Australian beef and sheep meat producers. This advice was developed by the national industry and government partnership, SafeMeat.


Permits (PER10927 and PER10928) are available to allow the use of certain synthetic pyrethroid chemicals to control the Australian plague locust. These permits cover the use of the active ingredients: Lambda-Cyhalothrin, Gamma-Cyhalothrin, Betacyfluthrin, Alpha-Cypermethrin and Cypermethrin.

You may access the permits from the APVMA permits database.

Last updated on 9 August, 2011

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