Export Slaughter Intervals and Chemical Withholding Periods

Export Intervals (EI) and Withholding Periods (WHP) for pesticides and veterinary medicines are available on the product label of registered products. Product labels are available to view via the APVMA PUBCRIS database.

About Export Slaughter Intervals

Export intervals are advisory times that should be observed, allowing exporters of food commodities to meet the residues standards of a trading partner. They relate to the time between the last administration or feeding of a chemical product to livestock, or last application to crops, and the slaughter or harvesting of those livestock or crops for export.

About Withholding Periods

The withholding period is the minimum period which must elapse between last administration or application of a pesticide or veterinary medicine, including treated feed, and the slaughter, collection, harvesting or use of the animal or crop commodity for human consumption. WHPs are mandatory for domestic slaughter and are on the label of every registered product.

Read about the different types of withholding periods for pesticides.

Last updated on 16 August, 2011

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