Annual Fee

What is the application to maintain product registration?

The application to maintain product registration is issued by the APVMA and lists all products that are registered with the APVMA in the current financial year. To maintain the registration of the products listed on the notice for the next financial year, you will need to pay the annual fee by 30 June.

When will I receive the application to maintain product registration?

Each April you will be advised in writing of when you can access your application for renewal of registration online. This information is sent to the company or finance contact listed on the APVMA database.

If you require a paper copy of the application to maintain product registration you will need to contact the APVMA as paper copies are no longer issued unless requested.

If you have products which are registered for the first time after April, you will receive the notice in May or June.

How is the annual fee calculated?

The annual fee is a flat fee of $430 per product.

Does the annual fee attract GST?

The annual fee does not attract GST. The fee is exempt by virtue of a determination made under section 81-5 of the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999. The annual fee notice is therefore not issued as a tax invoice.

What is the due date for payment?

The due date for payment of the annual fee is 31 May of the current year (unless a new prescribed date for payment has been set by the APVMA).

What methods of payment are accepted?

You can pay the annual fee online via the APVMA's secure online facility. You will require a username and password to access the online facility.

You may make payments via:

  • credit card (Mastercard and Visa) up to a $20,000 limit.
  • cheque
  • BPay

Payment by EFT is not accepted.

What happens if the annual fee is not paid by the due date?

If the annual fee is not received by the APVMA by the due date, the registration of the product will expire and the product will be unregistered. If this occurs, it maybe an offence under Part 4 of the Agvet Codes to supply an unregistered product unless steps have been taken to authorise ongoing supply.

If you wish to continue the registration of the product and have not paid the annual fee by the due date, you will need to apply for a Late Application for Renewal of Registration. All late payments attract a late penalty of $50.00 per product.

Late Application for Renewal of Registration

To apply for a late application you need to:

  1. submit a written application to either the Pesticides or Veterinary Medicines Program Manager providing details of the circumstances that led to the late application; and
  2. forward a cheque for payment of the annual fee and late payment penalty.

Upon receiving the written submission and payment, the APVMA will consider exercising its discretion to accept a late application for registration renewal under subsection 48(3) of the Agvet Codes.

If product registration has lapsed for a period of two years or more, additional information is required.

More Information

For more information, please contact the APVMA.

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