Fenamiphos is an organophosphorus insecticide and nematicide used in agriculture to control pests, particularly nematodes and sucking insects.

Fenamiphos review

Status: review in progress


  • The public consultation period for the fenamiphos preliminary review findings report is now closed.

Fenamiphos review process

This timeline provides an overview of the stages and dates of the fenamiphos review. The review commenced in 2003. A review scope document was published in 2003. Between 2005 and 2008 draft component reports were received and assessed. Between 2008 and 2012 revised component reports for toxicology, occupational health and safety, and residues were received and assessed. A preliminary review finding report was published in February 2013, and is followed by a public comments period which closes on 31 May 2013. Further assessment of submissions, new information, and new data will be undertaken if required following the close of the public comments period.


In 1994 fenamiphos was nominated for review following reports of possible bird and fish poisonings involving the use of products containing fenamiphos. Additional reports of adverse experiences involved the potential for environmental contamination of groundwater and waterways, particularly due to leaching from the site of application.

In April 2003 the APVMA (formerly the NRA) began a review of fenamiphos because of concerns relating to public health, occupational health and safety, the environment, and residues in food.

In February 2013, the APVMA completed the assessments of the data provided for this review and released the preliminary review findings summarising the data evaluated.

Assessments undertaken for certain components of the fenamiphos review, particularly the environment and residues assessments, identified a basis for which a potential risk may exist (that is, a potentially unacceptable risk to the environment and/or a potentially unacceptable dietary risk to humans).

Insufficient and/or inadequate data were provided or available to the APVMA to refine its assessment of fenamiphos, or to enable APVMA to conclude that the Agvet tests are satisfied.

The APVMA will issue a final report once the assessment of all available data is completed.

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Fenamiphos review archive

Title Date
Media release: Chemical regulator considers action on fenamiphos February 2013
Gazette notice (page 19): Reconsideration of Approvals and Registrations Related to Fenamiphos (PDF, 623kb) | (RTF, 884kb) February 2013
Gazette notice (page 21): Preliminary Review Findings Related to Approvals and Registrations of Fenamiphos (PDF, 623kb) | (RTF, 884kb) February 2013

Fenamiphos Preliminary Review Findings Report (five parts):

February 2013
Fenamiphos Review Scope Document (PDF, 50kb) April 2003
Gazette notice: reconsideration of approvals and registrations for fenamiphos April 2003


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