Triforine is a systemic fungicide used in home garden products for the control of black spot fungus, powdery mildew and rust on roses.

In Australia, triforine products have been available either as concentrates or ‘ready-to-use’ formulations. Concentrates typically have an alcohol solvent and are diluted in water just prior to spraying. Ready-to-use products had water as their solvent, having been diluted at the point of manufacture rather than just prior to spraying.

This review concerned water-based triforine products only. There are a number of alternative alcohol-based triforine products still available for use in the home garden. Consumers are advised to check the packaging. The red 'flammable' symbol on the container is an indication that the product is alcohol based.

Triforine Review

Status: review completed

In 2002 the APVMA (formerly the NRA) began a review of water-based products containing triforine. This followed concerns that triforine in water-based formulations might break down, resulting in products becoming ineffective as fungicides.

In January 2003 and before the review was completed, all three registrants voluntarily withdrew their water-based products from the market and requested that the respective registrations be cancelled.

In March 2003 the APVMA released the Triforine Review Final Report (PDF, 69kb). The review found that water-based triforine products were likely to degrade and their effectiveness could not be guaranteed. The APVMA began an immediate and compulsory recall of all cancelled products. Read a full history of the review.

As a result of the review, there are currently no water-based products containing triforine registered for use in Australia. Read a full history of the review.

Review Report Date
Triforine Review Final Report (PDF, 69kb) Mar 2003


For more information contact:

Chemical Review

Phone: +61 2 6210 4749

Fax: +61 2 6210 4776


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APVMA Triforine Archive

Title Date
Media Release: NRA Cancels Registration of Home Garden Spray, Water-based Triforine Mar 2003
Cancellation Notice: Ausgro Technologies Pty Ltd – Ausgro Sharp Shooter Rose Black Spot and Timed Release Insect Spray, Sharp Shooter Triforine Rose Spray, Sharp Shooter Rose Black Spot and Natural Pyrethrum Concentrate (PDF, 69kb) Feb 2003
Cancellation Notice: David Grays Aerosol Rose Spay with Fungicide (PDF, 63kb) Feb 2003
Cancellation Notice: Yates Rose Gun Black Spot and Insect Killer (PDF, 643kb) Feb 2003
Review of water based triforine garden spray products Dec 2002

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