Pindone [2-(2,2-Dimethyl-1-oxopropyl)-1H- indene-1,3(2H)-dione] is a 'first generation' (multiple dose) anticoagulant rodenticide. Anticoagulant rodenticides block the vitamin K cycle, causes internal bleeding and prevents blood clotting. Pindone is used to control rabbits in areas where the alternative rabbit poison, sodium fluoroacetate (1080), cannot be used because of risk to humans or domestic animals.

First generation baits must generally be consumed many times before death occurs. This means that pindone is safer to use for rabbit control in populated areas (urban and semi-rural areas including hobby farms, golf courses and horticultural areas) where the alternative, single dose poison, sodium fluoroacetate (1080), is either impractical or unsuitable.

Pindone comes in two forms: a salt (pindone sodium) and a liquid (pindone acid). Both are applied to bait material (either carrots or oats).

Pindone is a Restricted Chemical Product (RCP) and may only be used by authorised persons. The antidote for pindone poisoning is active Vitamin K which is available from vets, either as an injection or as a tablet.

Pindone Review

Status: review completed

The APVMA began a review of pindone because of concerns that the unrestricted supply and use of pindone to control rabbits might pose a threat to non-target animals. Using pindone in baits at higher concentrations than the recommended rate increases the risk of poisoning of native animals as a single exposure can be fatal.

In May 2002 the APVMA released the Pindone Review Final Report. In the review the APVMA recommended that pindone concentrates be declared Restricted Chemical Products. The APVMA also strengthened instructions on labels to include information that would help reduce the risks to non-target animals. Read a full history of the review.

Review Report Date
Pindone Review Final Report ( PDF - 270KB) May 2002


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APVMA Pindone Archive

Title Date
Gazette Notice: Outcomes of the review of pindone Jun 2002
Media Release: NRA wants tighter controls for rabbit bait, pindone Jun 2002
Gazette Notice: Call for public comment on the NRA review of pindone Aug 2001
Media Release: Public comment sought on findings of the draft review of pindone Jul 2000
Gazette Notice: Special review of pindone (PDF, 11kb) Jun 2000

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