Mevinphos is a broad-spectrum, contact and systemic organophosphorus insecticide and acaricide. It is only approved for use in the control diamondback moth in brassicas (broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower). Mevinphos products were approved for use in all states and territories of Australia except the Northern Territory (NT), where resistance of the moth to other pesticides was not considered to be a problem.

Mevinphos is very toxic to birds, mammals and aquatic invertebrates. Mevinphos is a Restricted Chemical Product (RCP) and only authorised people may use it. It is not to be applied by aircraft, back-mounted knapsack, fogging machines or mist-blowers.

Mevinphos Review

Status: review completed

The APVMA began a review of mevinphos because of concerns over possible risks to the public from short and long-term exposure to mevinphos (particularly its residues in food), worker safety, and the environment.

In October 2002 the APVMA released the Mevinphos Supplementary Review Summary (PDF, 156kb). The review found that mevinphos posed significant unacceptable risks to the health of users who mix, load and apply the chemical, and due to its high toxicity, mevinphos had the potential to adversely impact aquatic organisms. The APVMA recommended including new, stronger safety warnings on mevinphos product labels and changed the withholding periods for brassicas. Read a full history of the review.

Review report Date
Mevinphos Supplementary Review Summary (PDF, 156KB) Oct 2002


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APVMA mevinphos archive

Title Date
Gazette Notice: Outcomes of the Supplementary Review of Mevinphos Nov 2002
Gazette Notice: Continued Suspension of Mevinphos Aug 2002
Gazette Notice: Continued Suspension of Mevinphos Jan 2002
Gazette Notice: Suspension of mevinphos Apr 2001
Gazette Notice: The suspension of mevinphos Jan 2001
Gazette Notice* Jul 1999
Gazette Notice* Jan 1999
Gazette Notice* May 1997
Review of mevinphos (PDF, 125kb) Apr 1997
* Contact the APVMA for copies of this document.

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