Flumethrin is a fat-soluble, synthetic pyrethroid insecticide used in the control of parasites on cattle, sheep, goats, horses, and dogs. It is also used for control of mites in beehives.

Flumethrin review (active in Bayticol Pour-on Cattle Tickicide)

Under the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Act 1994, the APVMA can review an active constituent, the registration of a product, or the approval of product labels at any time. In this review the APVMA considered a specific tickcide pour-on product, Bayticol Pour-on Cattle Tickicide. It contained flumethrin as the active ingredient and was used for control of cattle tick and paralysis tick, mainly in Queensland and Northern NSW.

The APVMA (formerly the NRA) began the review of Bayticol Pour-on Cattle Tickicide in December 2001 because of concerns that the use of the product according to label instructions would result in beef fat residues that exceeded the Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) and would thus pose a potential risk to Australia’s international trade.

In February 2002 the registrant, Bayer Australia, voluntarily requested that the APVMA cancel the registration of the product, Bayticol Pour-on Cattle Tickicide.

The APVMA cancelled the registration of Bayticol Pour-on Cattle Tickicide on 31 March 2002 with a consumer recall period ending on 31 August 2002.

The review lapsed because the registration of the product, Bayticol Pour-On Cattle Tickicide, was cancelled. The APVMA will not revive the registration of this product nor register any applications using this product unless all concerns identified in the nomination are fully addressed.

APVMA flumethrin archive

Title Date
Gazette: cancellation of Bayticol Pour-on Tickicide* Feb 2002
Gazette: review announcement* Dec 2001

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