Endosulfan is a cyclodiene insecticide and acaricide used in agricultural and horticultural crops for the control of a variety of insects and mites.

Endosulfan Cancellations

On 11 October 2010 the APVMA cancelled all active constituent approvals for endosulfan. As a consequence, on 12 October 2010 the APVMA cancelled all endosulfan product registrations.

All endosulfan use must now be in accordance with phase-out instructions.

Additional Technical Reports Date

Technical reports related to the decision to cancel the registration of endosulfan, prepared by the former Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA)* and The Office of Chemical Safety and Environmental Health (OCSEH):

September 2010

*DEWHA is now referred to as The Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (DSEWPC)

Endosulfan Review

Status: review completed 2005

In 1995 the APVMA began a review of endosulfan because of concerns over possible risks to the public from short and long-term exposure to endosulfan residues (particularly in livestock, arising from spray drift from application to cotton and some other broad acre crops), occupational health and safety, trade and the environment.

In 2005 the APVMA released the Endosulfan Review Final Report (PDF, 1.6Mb). A key concern of the review was to prevent cattle from ingesting endosulfan residues. The APVMA imposed mandatory buffer zones for spraying and neighbourhood notification before application. Livestock must not be fed any pasture, forage or fodder treated with endosulfan.

In the review the APVMA strengthened restrictions on the supply and use of endosulfan. Endosulfan must not be used on leafy vegetables, berry fruits (including grapes), bananas, sorghum and maize, peanuts, legume vegetables, bulb vegetables, sweet corn or cole vegetables (except cabbage (head) broccoli and cauliflower). Read a full history of the review.

Review Report Date

Endosulfan Final Review Report and Regulatory Decision:

Jun 2005


For more information contact:

Chemical Review

Phone: +61 2 6210 4749

Fax: +61 2 6210 4776

Email: chemicalreview@apvma.gov.au

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APVMA Endosulfan Archive

Title Date
Stockholm Convention Decision on Endosulfan Oct 2009
Statement: APVMA's decision not to review endosulfan registrations Jan 2009

Statement: New Zealand revoked endosulfan and prohibited its importation, manufacture and use in NZ

Dec 2008
Endosulfan Monitoring 2007 Jan 2008
Gazette Notice: Expiry of permit PER8528 allowing persons to deal with endosulfan products which had unapproved labels Oct 2006
Users Notice Brochure (PDF, 204kb) Oct 2005
Media Release: APVMA released final endosulfan report Jul 2005
Gazette Notice: Cancellation of permit PER8121 allowing the dealing of suspended endosulfan products and associated labels (PDF, 49kb) Jul 2005
Gazette Notice: Revocation of Suspension of products Jul 2005
Gazette Notice: Reconsideration of Approvals and Registrations Related to Endosulfan (PDF, 79kb) Jul 2005
Gazette Notice: Suspension notice (PDF, 29kb) Jan 2005

Preliminary Review:

May 2004
Information Sheet: does the use of endosulfan interest you? (PDF, 105kb) May 2004
Media Release: producer industries urged to have say on future availability of endosulfan May 2004
Media Release: the NRA Introduces New Conditions for the Use of Endosulfan Sep 2002
Notice: Suspension of Registration and Label Approvals of products containing endosulfan Sep 2002
Gazette Notice: definition of an authorised user (PDF, 31kb) Sep 2000
Changes to Endosulfan use requirements Sep 1999

Interim Review:

Aug 1998
Last updated on 11 November, 2010

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