Dichlorvos (2,2-dichloroethenyl dimethyl phosphate) is an organophosphorus (OP) insecticide, anthelmintic and acaricide used for agricultural and veterinary pest control.

Dichlorvos review

Status: Implementation of review findings in progress


  • February 2014—The APVMA has continued the suspension of the registrations and label approvals of six dichlorvos products used for grain protection. Instructions for use of these products during the suspension period can be found in permit PER14075.

In December 1996 the APVMA began a review of dichlorvos because of concerns relating to public and occupational health and safety (OHS), the environment, residues and trade.

In June 2000 the APVMA released a dichlorvos draft review report 'the 'Preliminary Review Findings (PRF)' report* for public consultation. After the publication of that report, the APVMA was provided with a new package of dichlorvos toxicological and exposure studies which had not been submitted at the data call-in stage. The APVMA assessed the new studies, released a revised 'Dichlorvos Preliminary Review Findings Report' and conducted another public consultation in June 2008.

In March 2011 the APVMA published a report entitled 'The reconsideration of the active constituent dichlorvos, registrations of products containing dichlorvos and approvals of their associated labels'. This report summarised toxicological assessment and risk assessments with respect to the environment, public health and occupational safety, and Australian trade with other countries. It also outlined the regulatory decisions of the dichlorvos review.

The APVMA found that there was insufficient data for it to be satisfied that there was adequate protection for people in relation to occupational exposure, exposure arising from some domestic uses, and residues in some food commodities. The APVMA also found that the safety directions on dichlorvos product labels did not conform to current safety standards and that labels did not contain adequate information to protect the environment.

Accordingly, the APVMA cancelled the registration of one home garden product, deleted some specific uses (including use for grain fumigation) and required registrants to modify products labels in line with the review findings.

In August 2012, the APVMA was made aware that dichlorvos products continue to be supplied into the market place accompanied by instructions for use that do not comply with the findings of the dichlorvos review.

The APVMA worked with product registrants and user groups interested in retaining the use of dichlorvos for grain protection by bulk handling companies. Discussions have focused on conducting new worker exposure studies while putting additional safety measures in place to mitigate the occupational health and safety risk. As of March 2013, the APVMA has suspended the use of six dichlorvos products based on the potential risk to worker occupational health and safety, and published a Summary Report outlining the work that has led to this suspension action.

Dichlorvos review archive

Title Date
Gazette notice (page 15): Suspension of the registrations and label approvals of six dichlorvos products used for grain protection (PDF, 690kb) | (RTF, 1.04Mb) Feb 2014
Gazette notice (page 34): Revocation of Suspension of a Dichlorvos Product Registration (PDF, 931kb) | (RTF, 1.3Mb) Sep 2013
Permit information for use of affected products:
  • PER14075 – David Grays DDVP 500 Insecticide, Divap 1140 Insecticide, Divap 500EC Insecticide, Imtrade Dichlorvos 500 Insecticide, Barmac Dichlorvos 500 Insecticide
  • PER14076 – Insectigas-D DDVP Insecticide
Mar 2013
Gazette notice (page 4): Suspension of product registrations and label approvals for certain products containing dichlorvos (PDF, 348kb) | (RTF, 145kb) Mar 2013
Dichlorvos Interim Regulatory Restrictions Mar 2013
Dichlorvos Final Review Report and Regulatory Decision (PDF, 846kb) | (RTF, 1.5Mb) Mar 2011
Dichlorvos Preliminary Review Findings Report (PDF, 706 kb) Jun 2008
Dichlorvos Toxicology Report (PDF, 1.16Mb) Jun 2008
Dichlorvos Occupational Health & Safety Report (PDF ,773kb) Jun 2008
Dichlorvos Environment Report (PDF, 470kb) Jun 2008
Gazette Notice: Preliminary Review Findings of the Review of Approvals and Registrations Related to Dichlorvos (PDF,53kb) Jun 2008
Gazette Notice: call for public comment on the NRA review of dichlorvos (PDF,21kb) Aug 2000
History of the dichlorvos review Jul 2000
Media Release: Call for public comment on review of the insecticide - dichlorvos Jul 2000
* Please contact the APVMA's Chemical Review section for a copy of Dichlorvos Draft 'Preliminary Review Findings (PRF)' Report from 2000. Jul 2000


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