Benomyl is a systemic benzimidazole fungicide formerly used in agriculture and horticulture.

Currently there are no products containing benomyl registered for use in Australia. It became illegal to supply or use products containing benomyl after 6 December 2006.

Benomyl Review

In October 2003 the APVMA (formerly the NRA) began a review of benomyl. This followed advice from the Office of Chemical Safety (external site) that benomyl affected reproduction and development in laboratory animals and hence might pose a risk to human health and worker safety.

At the beginning of the review the APVMA suspended the registration and approvals of benomyl products, with effect from 20 October 2003. Benomyl products could only sold if warning statements were added to labels about the possible health threat to pregnant women and women of child-bearing age.

In December 2004, the registrant (Farmoz Pty Ltd) voluntarily withdrew all benomyl products from the market and requested that the APVMA cancel the approvals for benomyl.

The previous producer of benomyl, DuPont (Australia) Ltd, had ceased manufacture of benomyl in Australia in 2001 and sought voluntary cancellation of its registrations in September 2003.

The APVMA did not continue with the review as it was not likely to be completed before the cancellation of the benomyl products.

The APVMA’s concerns with benomyl still remain and it will reactivate the review should a registrant seek to register a benomyl product or have a benomyl active constituent approved in the future.

APVMA Benomyl Archive

Title Date
Gazette Notice: Cancellation notice Jan 2005
Gazette Notice: Suspension notice Apr 2004
Gazette Notice: Suspension notice Nov 2003
Gazette Notice: Reconsideration notice Nov 2003
Media Release: APVMA to Review the Registration of the Agricultural Fungicide, Benomyl Oct 2003

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