Registered Products, Active Constituents and Chemical Reviews

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Details about agricultural and veterinary chemical products registered for use in Australia are maintained and updated daily by the APVMA. This information can be accessed online via the PUBCRIS database and via the APVMA iPhone app.

Chemical Review Program

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has a Chemical Review Program which can reconsider the registration of agricultural and veterinary chemicals in the marketplace if potential risks to safety and performance have been identified. A review may be initiated when new research or evidence has raised concerns about the use or safety of a particular chemical or product.

Active constituents

Active constituents are the substance/s in an agricultural chemical product primarily responsible for the product's biological or other effects. They must be approved either before, or at the same time as the product is registered. A limited number of active constituents are exempt from APVMA approval.

Restricted Chemical Products

The APVMA may declare certain chemical products to be restricted chemical products (RCPs) if special training and/or other requirements are needed to be able to handle or use the chemical.

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