Agricultural and Veterinary Permits

The law requires that all agricultural and veterinary chemical products sold in Australia be registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

In most States, registered products must only be used for purposes that are specified on the label. In practice, situations often arise where chemicals are needed for a use not specified on the label, these are often termed ‘off-label’ uses. The APVMA can consider applications for permits that allow for the legal use of chemicals in ways different to the uses set out on the product label. In certain circumstances, the limited use of an unregistered chemical may also be allowed by permit.

The APVMA separates permit applications into two streams based on agricultural or veterinary use patterns.
Further information on Agricultural Permits.
Further information on Veterinary Permits.

Observance of withholding periods is critical to ensure your produce meets market standards. The following joint APVMA/SAFEMEAT commonly asked questions provides guidance in the interpretation of withholding periods and export intervals for pesticide products.

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