Regulatory Update #135

30 September - 14 October 2011

Update on APVMA's response to Noosa Taskforce report

In June 2011, the Noosa Fish Health Investigation Taskforce released 29 recommendations in relation to fish health issues at the Sunland Fish Hatchery. Of these recommendations 5 were addressed to the APVMA, who have released a summary work plan to address these recommendations, indicating approximate timings for responses.

Use of the insecticide dimethoate suspended on many food crops

On 6 October 2011, the APVMA suspended the use of dimethoate on a number of food crops and all food producing plants in the home garden due to potential dietary risks. The suspension prohibits dimethoate use on these crops from 7 October 2011 – 5 October 2012. New use instructions have been issued to allow continued dimethoate use on certain horticultural crops.

Update on status of mouse baiting options

With much publicity on the availability of products for mouse baiting across southern Australia, the APVMA has clarified the current status of approved options, including information on the issue of three new permits, to allow stocks of pre-purchased bait to be used until 30 November 2011.

Submissions for the APVMA review of diuron have now closed

The APVMA has received a large number of submissions in response to the publication of the diuron environment and human health assessment reports, many of which contain extensive information not previously considered by the APVMA. It is expected a significant period of time will be required to assess the new information. The APVMA therefore intends to take interim action in mid-November 2011, through a proposed suspension of product registrations.

MRL Standards updated

The Maximum Residue Limits Standard tables for agricultural and veterinary chemicals in food and animal feedstuff have been updated for October 2011.

Proposal to amend Standard 1.4.2 of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code

The APVMA invites comment until 14 November 2011 on the proposal to amend Standard 1.4.2 (Maximum Residue Limits) of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Reminder - open for public consultation

The APVMA is currently seeking comment on the:


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Last updated on 14 October, 2011

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