Regulatory Update #130

22 July - 5 August 2011

APVMA seeks new information on diuron use until 30 September

Grower groups have been invited to provide new information on actual diuron use patterns that may be relevant to the APVMA’s proposal to suspend most diuron products. The closing date for this information is 30 September.

Consultation on a new permit to authorise certain label changes without APVMA approval

In line with new labelling requirements, the APVMA invites applicants to comment until 2 September on the usability and practicality of a draft new permit to authorise certain label changes without APVMA approval.

Voluntary cancellation of parathion-methyl active constituent

A two-year phase out period, ending on 26 July 2013, applies to the supply and use of existing stock of parathion-methyl products, following a voluntary cancellation of the active constituent approval.

Symposium on the use of epidemiology studies in regulatory risk assessment

An upcoming symposium in Canberra on Wednesday 10 August on The Use of Epidemiology Studies in Regulatory Risk Assessment will bring experts and regulatory agencies together to explore the role of epidemiology studies in regulatory decision-making processes.

Review of APVMA cost recovery arrangements

The APVMA has commenced a review of its cost recovery arrangements in line with the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines. It is anticipated that consultation on a draft Cost Recovery Impact Statement (CRIS) will occur in late 2011/early 2012.  A final CRIS will then discuss the issues raised by stakeholders during consultation on the draft CRIS.

MRL Standards updated

The Maximum Residue Limits Standard tables for agricultural and veterinary chemicals in food and animal feedstuff have been updated for August 2011.

Approved Active Constituents Updated

The record of approved active constituents was updated on 2 August 2011

Reminder - open for public consultation

The APVMA is currently seeking comment on the:


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Last updated on 5 August, 2011

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