Regulatory Update #129

8 July - 22 July 2011

Usability of the new APVMA Labelling Standard open for consultation

As part of the Australian Government’s Better Regulation Partnership reforms, the usability of the new APVMA Labelling Standard is now open for consultation until 19 August 2011.

Proposed regulatory action for diuron products following new environmental findings

Product registrants have been asked to show cause as to why the APVMA should not suspend the registration of diuron products on the basis of environmental concerns. This follows a new environmental assessment that found that the current diruon use rates present a risk to aquatic ecosystems in most situations.

Application for mulesing alternative being assessed

The APVMA is considering an application for a mulesing alternative known as SkinTraction but at this stage it is not possible to predict when the application will be finalised.

Registration consultants list to be discontinued

The list of registration consultants on the APVMA website will be removed as of 1 August 2011. This follows complaints about the performance of a small number of consultants and expectations that the APVMA should regulate registration consultants.

Changes to labels in PUBCRIS and the closure of Infopest

Marketed Product Labels (MPLs) for products registered under the new statutory conditions that took effect in July 2010 will no longer be available through PUBCRIS. Additionally, with the closure of Infopest from September 2011, copies of previous MPLs will now appear directly through PUBCRIS and contain only the essential elements of the label, known as the Relevant Label Particulars (RLPs).

Registration performance reporting statistcs available for 2011

The statistics for applications that have been received and finalised are now available for the last quarter of 2010-11 and for the full financial year.

Reminder - open for public consultation

The APVMA is currently seeking comment on:


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Last updated on 22 July, 2011

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