Regulatory Update #112

22 October - 5 November 2010

APVMA 2009-10 Annual Report now available

The APVMA Annual Report for the 2009-10 financial year is now available in pdf and online versions. .

Upgrade of the APVMA email database

Following this edition of the Regulatory Update, our email database will be upgraded to improve our service.  Although we expect this process to be seamless, if you stop receiving any of the APVMA communications that you are subscribed to, please email

Also, please take a moment to verify and update your details if necessary.

Updates to news on endosulfan following Stockholm Convention meeting

The APVMA has updated its regulatory summary of the chemical, endosulfan to include recent developments of the Stockholm Convention meeting on 11-15 October 2010.

Compliance monitoring focusing on importations from overseas

The APVMA has updated it's list of current monitoring activities to include the importation of active constituents and fully formulated chemical products from overseas.

Updates to questions about recent changes to APVMA legislation

The APVMA is continuously updating the frequently asked questions about the recent legislative changes in line with enquiries we have received from registrants.  These changes cover labels, trade issues, approved persons, permits and minor product variations.

In the last two weeks the following frequently asked questions about labels have been updated:

  • What sorts of label content may be considered contrary to the RLPs?
  • I have an application with the APVMA – when should I print MPLs?

Updated list of approved active constituents

The record for approved active constituents was updated on 28 October 2010.

APVMA website survey

It has been almost a year since the new APVMA website was launched, and we're keen to hear what you think about it.

The survey is anonymous and should only take five minutes to complete. To provide your feedback and help us improve the APVMA website, take the survey now.

Reminder - open for public consultation

The APVMA is currently seeking comment on:


Read the latest Advice Summaries and Application Summaries.

Last updated on 5 November, 2010

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