Regulatory Update #49

1st - 14th March 2008

New Executive Appointments

The APVMA announces two new executive appointments. Read more

Special Gazette

The APVMA is seeking written submissions on a proposal to grant application approval for the active constituents Eimeria mitis HP, Eimeria praecox HP, Eimeria brunetti and registration of the product, Paracox-8 anticoccidial vaccine for chickens. Read the Special Gazette.

Compliance notices

Product recalls and compliance notices are now published regularly on the APVMA website. Use the Product recalls and compliance notices link on the website homepage to access the latest list.

Registration seminars

The APVMA will host “Back to Basics”, a Registration seminar for pesticide and veterinary medicine registrants and registration consultants in Canberra on 12 and 13 June. Read more about the seminars.

Trade Advice Notice – Pyriproxyfen in the product Distance Ant Bait

Comments are sought with regard to the proposed use of pyriproxyfen as a fire ant bait, and whether it poses an undue prejudice to Australia’s trade. Submissions are due by 9 April 2008


New maximum residue limit standards for March 2008

Modifications to MORAG forms

MORAG category 5, 6 and 7 application form has been modified so that there are now separate forms for Ag and Vet. The differences from the previous forms are:

          1. In the Ag form there is no reference to GMP
          2. In both forms there is no reference to distinct uses.

The forms can be accessed from the application forms page in AgMORAG or VetMORAG, and also from the individual category chapters in Ag and Vet MORAG.

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