Regulatory Update #45

19 January 2008 - 1st February 2008

Atrazine Review

The APVMA is about to conclude its review of atrazine. In the course of the review we have engaged a wide range of stakeholders. From our interaction with community groups we have compiled a list of frequently-asked questions and the responses we have provided.

New operational notice on label claims for exotic pests and diseases

The APVMA has published a new operational notice to say that it will not approve label claims for efficacy of a product against a pest or disease which is exotic to Australia.  

Endosulfan Monitoring

APVMA inspection of 14 retail outlets across Australia during 2006/2007 found a high level of compliance with requirements for supply of endosulfan products

Hormonal Growth Promotants

A new information sheet detailing requirements relating to the sale and supply of HGPs is available.

Pyraflufen-ethyl in the product Summit Ecopar 20 SC Herbicide

A public release summary is now available.

Export Slaughter Intervals and Maximum Residue Limits

Cattle and sheep ESI updates are available for 12 January 2008. New Maximum Residue Limits for February will be available from Monday 4 February

Change to MORAG font

The website version of MORAG has used a serif font, which reflects MORAG's origins as a paper-based publication. However, web-based publications usually use a sans-serif font because these fonts are easier to read on a computer monitor. All MORAG webpage documents have now been changed to Arial font. There have been no changes to the text.

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