Regulatory Update #29

28 April - 11 May 2007


The APVMA has announced it will phase-out, over the next two years, the use of dimetridazole in pigs and poultry destined for human consumption. Read the media release and instructions for registrants and users.

Diazinon suspended for sheep dipping and jetting

The APVMA has announced a suspension of diazinon products registered for sheep dipping and jetting. The Authority continues to evaluate data to assess the safety of diazinon use in a cage dipping system. Read the media release and instructions for registrants, resellers and users.

Chemistry Requirements Seminars

Registrations closed today for chemistry seminars to improve understanding of the APVMA’s pre and post registration requirements. The seminars in Melbourne (in early May), Brisbane and Sydney (later this month), have attracted 230 registrations. Presentations from the seminars are now available.

Active constituents in manufacturing concentrates

The Quality Assurance Scheme for Agricultural Active Constituents and Agricultural Chemical Products (Ag QA Scheme) sets conditions of product registration and active approvals. New information on the website sets out registrant responsibilities when using active constituents supplied as manufacturing concentrates.

Online application submission system now available

The APVMA has rolled out a new tool allowing registrants to submit and monitor the progress of product applications over the Internet. The new Electronic Application and Registration System (EARS) can be installed on the user's home or office computer and provides a secure means of exchanging data with the APVMA. The EARS rollout makes the APVMA the first regulator of its kind to offer online applications. Read more about EARS.

2,4-D suspension extended

The APVMA has extended the suspension conditions of high volatile ester (HVE) forms of 2,4-D for another two years. Read the media release.

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