Regulatory Update

The APVMA publishes the fortnightly Regulatory Update, which is a snapshot of updates and changes made to the APVMA website. It enables a quick and easy way to check on new public consultations, applications, and changes to any of our guidance documents and operational notices.

APVMA Gazette

The APVMA Gazette is published fortnightly and contains details of the registration of agricultural and veterinary chemical products and other approvals granted by the APVMA. This includes notices as required by the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code (the Agvet Code) and related legislation, and a range of other regulatory material.

Community e-Bulletin (eCCChatter)

The APVMA Community Consultative Committee produces the Community e-Bulletin on a monthly basis following each Community Consultative Committee (CCC) meeting, to let the community at large know some of the key things that were discussed at the meeting.

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