APVMA permits may assist farmers affected by floods

20 February 2013

Following the recent widespread flooding in many parts of Queensland, many agricultural producers are operating under difficult circumstances which could impair their productivity.

Floods can bring increased or new pest and disease pressures and problems accessing crops with ground equipment. Growers may find themselves without adequate crop protection if their usual pest-control products cannot be applied properly under these altered circumstances.

Anyone may apply to the APVMA for an emergency use permit. However, permit applicants are encouraged to first discuss their needs with the APVMA who can provide further advice on  lodging applications with the regulator.

We also suggest that growers liaise with the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (external site) or their industry bodies to ensure a coordinated approach to permit applications and to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort.


For further information and advice


Phone: +61 2 6210 4769 or +61 2 6210 4991
email: Pesticides_Permits@apvma.gov.au

Last updated on 20 February, 2013

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