News, Media and Events

The APVMA recognises that regulatory decisions impact on many stakeholders, and ensures information is distributed through a number of information channels, including the APVMA Gazette, letters, media statements, direct contact, email newsletters, and web postings to advise on regulatory news and our view on topics in the media.

The APVMA also hosts a range of events, including seminars and presentations, to exchange important information with stakeholders.

Chemicals in the News

The APVMA publishes information on chemicals that may have received recent media attention to provide a clear and transparent understanding of the regulation of these chemicals.

Community Questions

Members of the community often ask the APVMA questions. While there is a clear understanding that agricultural and veterinary chemicals increase agricultural productivity, people also want assurance that such chemicals are safe. Thus we get questions about individual chemicals, about our processes and the wider regulatory system.

Emerging Technologies

Nanotechnology is an important emerging technology that is being closely monitor by the APVMA in relation to the manufacture of Agricultural and Veterinary chemical products. To find out more about the APVMA's approach to the emergence of this new technology, see the Nanotechnology page.

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