Agricultural Manual of Requirements and Guidelines - Ag MORAG

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About Ag MORAG

Ag MORAG provides information on data requirements and guidelines for applications to register or approve agricultural chemical products, labels, active constituents and issue permits

Volume 1

Volume 1 sets out the legal background to the to the National Registration Scheme. Volume 1 also gives information on how to make an application to the APVMA and the how the APVMA manages the registration process.

Volume 2

Volume 2 describes the 25 different application categories so that applicants can select the correct application category for their application.

Volume 3

Volume 3 gives details of the requirements and guidelines for each of the 10 data parts which might apply to different types of applications.

Volume 4

Volume 4 sets out guidelines for applications to register specific types of products.

Volume 5

Volume 5 contains the Ag Labelling Code which sets out requirements and best practice for product labels. Volume 5 also describes how the APVMA approves labels which will be attached to registered products.