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This website is managed and maintained by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority in Canberra, Australia. All enquiries regarding site management, performance or technical issues should be addressed to the Web Manager through the Site Feedback section of this website.

Site Layout and Design

This site is designed in accordance with the Better Practice in Online Service Delivery (external site) guidelines produced by the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO).

This website is arranged using a number of different navigational areas.

  1. Audience Segments
  2. The Main Navigation
  3. Breadcrumbs
  4. Header Links
  5. Related information
  6. Footer Links

Audience Segments

The audience segments provide links to information that is specific to each audience.

The Main Navigation

The main navigation is on the upper left hand side of every page. It will help you navigate the APVMA website by topic.


The Breadcrumbs show you where you are on the site and provide a path through the navigation back to the homepage.

Header Links

The header links appear on every page on this site and provide a quick search option as well as providing links to the home page, careers, A-Z index to browse, forms, links and contact us.

Related information

Many pages in the site include information blocks on the right side of the browser window which link to relevant pages on this or other related external websites.

Footer links

The footer appears on every page on the site and provides quick links to site management and governance information as well as providing links to the feedback service and help on using the site.

Content and Contributors

All material contained in this site is copyright except where explicitly stated to the contrary, and is intended for your general use and information. Some content and images have been supplied by other sources and cannot be reproduced or used without express permission from those respective sources. Credit and source information for images is contained within the Alt text of each image.

For further information please see the website's Copyright Statement.

Guidelines for Linking to this Website

The APVMA welcomes links from other websites to the APVMA's website.

If you intend to create a link, we request that you adopt the following guidelines:

  • When linking to the website, link to main collection level pages wherever possible. For example
  • Where appropriate to the context of the link, it is good practice to indicate the website to which the user will link. For example 'Link to the APVMA's website'

The correct name of the website is the APVMA's website.

Please note that permission to link to this website is not granted if:

  • Inclusion on the requesting site implies the endorsement of the site or product
  • The requesting site uses the APVMA's website solely for commercial purposes.
  • The material linked to is changed technically (eg. the material is framed and users are unable to determine the location of the original material)
  • Linking to the site is deemed to be in contravention of government policy or not in the public interest.

If you have any queries regarding linking to this website, please contact the Web Manager through the Site Feedback section of this website.

How to link to this website

It is preferred that links to this website take the form of a text-based contextual link with the full wording - Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority's website - in accordance with the guidelines listed above.

Please copy and paste the following code into your HTML

<a href="">Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority website</a>


Further assistance and contacts are available in the Contact Us section of this website.

To provide feedback about this website or to contact the Web Manager about any website-related issues, email or call 02 6210 4870.

Material from the previous APVMA Website

Material from the former APVMA website has been archived on the National Library of Australia PANDORA Web Archive.


For information on the accessibility standards applied to this website, see the accessibility section.

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